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Decarbonise your industry and make it safer.

Generate your own hydrogen gas on site and on demand, for your flame applications, using simply water.
Made in France

Removing your gas cylinders
with the Dyoflam machine
means 5 improvements for 1 project :



Eliminate your gas cylinder-related costs (gas logistics, storage, maintenance and network modification, etc.)

€0.25 = 1m3 of Dyoflam hydrogen gas



  • No risk of explosions/fire
  • No risk of leaks
  • No gas stored under pressure
  • Just think of all the risks created by your gas cylinders.


Working conditions and health

  • No harmful UV rays no need for tinted safety glasses.
  • 30 dB(A) less than an oxyacetylene flame.
  • Air quality: 7 times less emissions of carbon monoxide
  • Torch with rotating connector, only one gas hose and 30% lighter overall: Significant and proven reduction of MSDs
  • Dyoflam Mobile is eligible for simplified financial aid. 
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and mobility

2800°C flames = more conductive, less oxidizing and naturally neutral: perfect for torch applications.

No gas network, the production line can be modified at will and without additional network readaption costs



  • 94% greener than acetylene gas cylinders
  • 92% carbon-free CO2 in the Oxy-flame
  • Sustainable process: help towards the ecological transition

Reduce the impact of your industry on the environment and decarbonize your Oxy-flame processes.

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Stay in control

Monitor screen

Access to different modes and functions with easy reading.

Emergency stop button

Punch emergency stop for maximum responsiveness if there’s anything unexpected

Dual pressure display

Readings on the pressure gauge and on the monitor screen showing whether your generator is pressurized or off.

USB connection

For easy connectivity so you can change the language and get the latest updated functions.

on demand

Gas pressure regulator

Allows you to choose the right gas pressure for the application and protects the gas line from generator pressure variations.

Gas valve

Designed so power to the gas lines can be easily cut off.


On-board consumables

5L refills stored in a protected compartment.

On casters

4 wheels, 2 of which are directional for maximum mobility

Power supply : 4 kW

Gas outlet : 1

Debit : 1050 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 25 L) :
45h de brasage

Dimensions :
L458mm x P856mm x H770mm

Weight : 138 kg

See product sheet

Power supply : 6 kW

Gas outlet : 2

Debit : 1600 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 25 L) :
29h de brasage

Dimensions :
L460mm x P893mm x H938mm

Weight : 172 kg

See product sheet

Power supply : 9 kW

Gas outlet : 2 à 4

Debit : 2250 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 25 L) :
21h de brasage

Dimensions :
L710mm x P1109mm x H975mm

Weight : 276 kg

See product sheet

Power supply : 12 kW

Gas outlet : 2 à 4

Debit : 3200 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 25 L) :
15h de brasage

Dimensions :
L710mm x P1109mm x H975mm

Weight : 312 kg

See product sheet




Motors, transformers


Refrigerated cabinets and display cases


Glass work

Jewellery and precious metal items

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All the gas you need comes from water

Dyoflam Hydrogen generators has built-in dyomix® technology, to generate clean fuel from water for your Oxy-flame applications
Discover Dyomix® technology

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