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Optimal mobility
No more gas cylinders
Simply water.
No more gas cylinders
Simply water.

Free yourself from bottles
Free yourself from limitations


Generate your own hydrogen gas on site and on demand simply using water


10 times cheaper than your oxygen acetylene cylinders. Stop wasting time and money restocking your gas.


Free yourself from the risks arising from using pressurised gas cylinders (fires, leaks, explosions, etc.)


A more manoeuvrable, more comfortable, simpler rotary fitting torch for your professional torch applications.

Getting started

No adjustment. Plug in and instantly use your high performance oxy-hydrogen torch, emitted at consistent quality.

Be mobile

Carrying handle

Move your Dyoflam wherever you need it

Manoeuvring handle

Load, unload, and handle your Dyoflam easily

Manoeuvring handle

Load, unload, and handle your Dyoflam easily

Be autonomous

and efficient

On-board consumables

With auto-refill notifications. Generate your own gas using water.

Smart monitoring

Manage and visualise your oxy-hydrogen gas production elements easily and at a glance

4 power modes

Never be limited again by the power of your flame when brazing, braze-welding or oxy-cutting



Anti-backfire, quick coupling

Simply plug and unplug your torch,
and maintain control over any backfires

Auto leak test

Leak test carried out by Dyoflam for guaranteed safety

Torch with rotating connector

The ergonomics of a rotating torch and a single gas pipe for use on your sites

Power supply : 2.4 kW

Debit : 550 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 0,25 L) :
50min de brasage

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 5 L) :
17h de brasage

Dimensions :
L403mm x P361mm x H793mm

Weight : 38 kg

See product sheet

Power supply : 3 kW

Debit : 750 L/h

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 0,25 L) :
35min de brasage

Autonomy (eau déminéralisée 5 L) :
12h30 de brasage

Dimensions ::
L403mm x P361mm x H974mm

Weight : 51 kg

See product sheet

A torch that is kind to both
professionals and the environment

and Ergonomics

Visual comfort

0 harmful UV rays
emitted by the hydrogen flame. You no longer need tinted safety glasses.

Air quality

7 times less

carbon monoxide emitted during combustion compared to gas cylinders


A torch that is
a single gas hose and a swivel connector contribute to the significant and proven reduction of MSDs

Hearing comfort

30 dB(A) less

than an oxyacetylene flame.
You no longer need earplugs.
The Dyoflam Solution is eligible for simplified financial aid
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94% less impact
on the environment than Acetylene cylinders!
carbon-free CO²
in everyday oxy-flame applications
Using a Dyoflam means using a Sustainable Process and reducing its impact on the environment.

Let’s all play a major role in the ecological transition for our planet.




Motors, transformers


Refrigerated cabinets and display cases


Glass work

Jewellery and precious metal items

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All the gas you need comes from water

Dyoflam Hydrogen generators has built-in dyomix® technology, to generate clean fuel from water for your Oxy-flame applications
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